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Tired of that leaky faucet or having trouble with your water heater? At Joe’s Drain Cleaning, LLC, we can handle any plumbing problem.

As a leading residential plumbing contractor in Bremen, OH, we offer repair, replacement, and installation of all major plumbing systems, as well as drain cleaning and an emergency plumbing service. We can help with:

  • Clogged drain repair
  • Snaking and hydro jetting
  • Gas system installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Hot water tank replacement
  • Sump pump installation and repair
  • Electric and gas water heater services
  • Sewage line repair
  • Leak detection
  • 24/7 emergency plumbing repair

Even if you don’t see the service you need above, give us a call. Our licensed plumbers have the expertise and tools to get the job done right the first time at a competitive rate.

Learn a bit more about us to see why we’re the best plumbing and drain cleaning company in Bremen!

Bremen’s Top 24-Hour Plumbers

Plumbing emergencies happen when you least expect them. From a burst pipe to a clogged drain that’s spewing contaminated water, it’s never pleasant when your plumbing fails. In some cases—such as gas water heater leaks—it can even be downright dangerous.

That’s why we offer 24-hour plumbing repair services in Bremen—we care about our customers. We want to ensure that whether you’re in actual danger or just at risk of having a massive mess to clean up, you don’t have to face plumbing emergencies alone. Friendly Plumber Members enjoy 50% off late hour charges in case your plumbing emergency can’t wait til the next day!

Is Your Drain Clogged?

A clogged drain is more than just a nuisance. Severely clogged drains can become a health hazard, and that much pressure can put some severe strain on your pipes. We’ve seen the damage a clog can do. The earlier you catch the issue, the better—trust us.

  • Slow draining
  • Gurgling noises or bubbling while draining
  • Unusual odors around the drain
  • Drain flies

No two clogged drains are the same, which is why we tailor our approach based on your particular situation. We’ll even provide you with upfront, flexible pricing to ensure you make an informed decision.

Save on your draining cleaning or clog removal service today by taking advantage of one of our current specials!

Water Heaters: Repair or Replace?

Even the best water heater eventually needs to be replaced.  The question is, how do you know when it’s time?

Age is your first indicator. If your unit is more than ten years old, chances are you’re better off repairing than replacing it. The positive side of that is that modern models are more energy-efficient. We can set you up with a new instant hot water heater installation. A tankless system will not only reduce your energy bills, but they require water heater maintenance less often.

You should also consider replacing your unit if you find yourself calling for water heater repair services often. Our team will always be honest about whether repair or replacement will be more cost-effective for your unit.

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