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Can Your Kitchen Handle the Extra Strain of the Holiday Season?

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Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Ready for Thanksgiving

With the coming holidays, families will gather in each other’s homes to spend time with each other and celebrate. With all of the festivities, huge meals are often included. With so much work going into food preparation, it is a good idea to make sure a home’s kitchen plumbing is ready to handle the demands of holiday preparations. 

In this article, plumbing experts share a few things homeowners can consider to help smooth some of the bumps during the holiday seasons. 

Signs That Your Faucet Needs To Be Replaced


The kitchen sink and faucet are centerpieces of a kitchen. During holiday get-togethers, much of the attention will be directed towards the kitchen. It is in a homeowner’s best interest to keep fixtures updated and working correctly year-round, but this takes on a new urgency while entertaining guests during the holidays. Some of the signs that a faucet needs to be replaced can include: 

  • Outdated Style: A kitchen faucet is decorative, and it can become dated over time. A simple way to update a kitchen is to replace the faucet with a more current style. 
  • Leaking: A leaking faucet doesn’t look right to guests, and it can waste a lot of water. A new faucet can save on water bills and operate more reliably during the holidays. 
  • Rust or Scale: Rust and scale can form inside a faucet and inhibit operation. A new faucet will restore water pressure. 
  • Damage: It is common for handles and spigots to get damaged during normal operation. A new faucet can restore the visual appeal of a sink. 

Impress Your Relatives With a Fancy New Sink

Updating a home doesn’t have to be as invasive as a total renovation. A space can often be drastically updated with a few simple changes that give the room a new feel. A kitchen is no exception. Customers are always impressed when their kitchen feels totally unique, with just a few changes. 


One of the main changes that customers opt for is a new kitchen sink. Over time, kitchen sinks become outdated and damaged. A homeowner can update their kitchen’s style by installing a new sink, making it feel new again. A new sink can give a homeowner a showpiece to show off to relatives over the holidays. 

Make Sure Your Garbage Disposal Is Ready for Thanksgiving Cleanup

A working garbage disposal can be the star of the show during the holiday season, or it can be the reason for embarrassing plumbing problems. Garbage disposals are installed under kitchen sinks to help macerate food debris so that it flows down a home’s drain pipes without causing bigger problems. 

When garbage disposals aren’t functioning properly, they can allow big pieces of food debris to cause clogs all along the drains of a home, causing clogs and backups. To keep drains running freely, always run the garbage disposal when draining a sink full of water and flush the drains with plenty of hot water. If a garbage disposal can’t handle this, then it is time to replace it. 

Replacing a garbage disposal before the demands of a holiday meal can easily clean-up and prevent real problems from occurring when homeowners would most like to sit back and enjoy the festivities. 

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