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Maintaining a Clog-Free Sink At Home

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How To Avoid Clogs in the Sink

The plumbing system is the heart of every home. It doesn’t require a lot of attention, but a little regular maintenance goes a long way. In fact, the only way to ensure the life of a plumbing system is to maintain its cleanliness and keep it clog-free for as long as possible. It is extremely easy to clog the sinks in a home because the piping that makes up the plumbing system is incredibly narrow. 

That is why it is so important to watch what gets thrown down the sinks. It is also crucial to have a regular cleaning regimen. Even the cleanest plumbing systems still experience clogs from time to time. 

The Wrath of Cooking Grease

a greasy pan

Cooking grease is the plumbing system’s sworn enemy. It might seem harmless as it’s going down the drain, but once that grease cools down, the real trouble starts. 

Cooking grease thickens up as it cools. As mentioned above, the pipes are extremely narrow, so even the smallest amount of grease can quickly lead to a clog. A clog of this magnitude can lead to a burst pipe in no time. 

If cooking grease goes down a drain, the only thing to do is let a lot of warm water flow down the drain for a few minutes afterward. It is then advised to follow up with a cleaning regimen to ensure the grease can make it as safely as possible through the plumbing system. 

How To Properly Use a Garbage Disposal

Investing in a garbage disposal is another great way to avoid clogs in the sink. Those nights when some food scraps go down the drain is when having a garbage disposal is a necessity. The act of chopping up all the food allows it to flow more easily through the plumbing system. This, in turn, helps avoid clogs in the system. 

a garbage disposal

However, garbage disposals can’t take care of everything. There are some things to avoid throwing down the drain, even with a garbage disposal. 

Some of these items include: 

  • Ground coffee beans
  • Eggshells
  • Banana peels
  • Bones
  • Celery
  • Fruit pits
  • Potato peels

It is also important to note that hot water should flow down the drain before and after using a garbage disposal. This helps the food to flow through the system and avoid any chance of a clog. 

Facts About Drain Stoppers

a drain stopper

One last item that is extremely beneficial in avoiding clogs in the sinks is a drain stopper. Drain stoppers are exactly what they sound like. When in a drain, they stop solids from going down. 

They work by catching anything bigger than a small pebble and sifting the water out from it. All the food scraps and trash remain in the drain stopper. Homeowners can then throw out the items in the drain stopper, clean the stopper, and place it back in the drain for the next time. 

When investing in a drain stopper, it is vital to clean it after every use. Food scraps left in the drain stopper are a breeding ground for insects and bacteria. They are also easily replaced because they aren’t that expensive. 

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