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When Petrifying Plumbing Goes Bump in the Night

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What These Mysterious Plumbing Sounds Say About the State of a Plumbing System

It isn’t unusual for a home to make mysterious noises in the night. However, when the noises come from the home’s plumbing system, things become a little serious. Believe it or not, there are a few different types of sounds that a plumbing system can make at any given time. It is up to a professional plumber to be able to decipher what each sound means. If a noisy plumbing system is left unattended, it can quickly turn into an expensive problem. 

Professional plumbers urge homeowners to have their plumbing checked for maintenance at least once a year, to ensure their home stays safe all year round. To learn more about the different sounds plumbing systems can make, continue reading below. 

The Infamous Dripping Sound

Homeowners waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their water bill each year because of a dripping faucet. It might seem like just a drip, but each droplet of water adds up over time, significantly increasing the yearly water bill for homeowners. 

If the dripping noise isn’t coming from a faucet in the home, then there is a chance there’s a leak somewhere in the home’s plumbing system. Regardless of where the problem is located, there is a slight cause for concern when there is a constant dripping noise in the house. It isn’t likely that the home will flood in a matter of time or anything, but if nothing else, having the problem fixed would save the homeowner money on his water bill every year. 

Is Someone Knocking at the Door, or Is That the Plumbing?


Regardless of whether the water is running or shut off, if the homeowner hears a knocking noise at any given time, this could mean an impending plumbing problem is on the horizon. Typically, when random knocking occurs, it is because the pipes are knocking together. This is caused by a variant in water pressure and can cause pipes to crack and burst if it happens too often. 

However, if the knocking occurs regardless of water pressure, it is most likely because of sediment build-up in the water heater. This can easily be fixed and flushed out with the help of a professional plumber. Avoiding sediment build-up in a home with hard water is difficult, but with a trusted plumber around, the homeowner’s plumbing system will be back to normal again in no time!

Terrifying Gurgling Noises

There are seemingly two reasons for a gurgling plumbing system. It generally happens when a toilet is flushed or when water runs down a drain. 


Gurgling drains: This occurs when air gets sucked down the drain faster than water does. The same thing happens when someone pours a gallon jug of milk too fast. In this circumstance, the homeowner would need to get the ventilation checked in their plumbing system. 

Gurgling toilets: When a toilet begins to gurgle, it is most likely because of a block in the line somewhere. Clogs and blockages stop the flow of water in the system, making it so that only a few bubbles of water get through at a time. 

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