Water Softener Installation and Repair in Lancaster, OH

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Hard water is a common problem in Lancaster, OH. It can make dishes harder to clean and can cause significant damage to your appliances. Using a water softener not only makes everything feel cleaner, but it can also save you money.

Studies show that having a water softener installation in your home can reduce your water heating costs by up to 30%! It can even reduce limescale build-up in your pipes, so you don’t need to have your system cleaned as often.

If you’ve considered installing a whole-house water softener, you may be intimidated by how complex it all looks and sounds. That’s why Joe’s Drain Cleaning, LLC, is here to help. We’re one of Ohio’s premier water softener repair companies, and we specialize in new installations and repairs.

Get rid of mineral build-up in your pipes with our hydro jetting services.

Signs of Hard Water

Chances are, if you have hard water, you’ll know it. Dishes won’t feel clean, and your hair might feel dirty even after taking a shower. You may also notice that your drains get clogged often.

There are three sure-fire signs of hard water:

  • White spots on your glassware and dishes, as well as on your car and anything else you wash
  • Low water pressure due to the build-up of chemicals and minerals on your fixtures
  • Faded clothing that loses its color after one or two washes

The simplest way to confirm if you’ve got hard water is to try the bottle test. Fill half a bottle with water and then add some detergent or soap. Shake vigorously and see if the suds flow out of the top of the bottle. Hard water prevents suds from forming, and you’ll have to shake pretty hard to get any suds at all.

How Does Water Softening Treatment Work?

In chemical terms, water softeners remove calcium and magnesium ions and replace them with sodium ions. Magnesium and calcium interfere with the cleaning action of detergents, which is why hard water makes it so hard to get things clean.

Your water softening unit should be as close to your water main as possible so that it can filter your entire water supply rather than just one tap. Water softener systems refresh with a saltwater wash, often in the middle of the night.

Get even better water by installing a water filtration and softener combination system.

Maintaining Your Whole-Home Water Softener

As with any other piece of equipment, proper care can extend the life of your water softener unit. All you need to do is replace the salt whenever the indicator light comes on and give us a call once a year for annual maintenance.

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