Meet Our Team

Meet our owners
Joe and Melissa
A fun fact about Joe and Melissa is that they have 12 kids! Amazing!
Meet our Technician
A fun fact about Jimmy is that he was a street evangelist in Boston for one whole year!
Meet our Technician
A fun fact about John is that he has a dog named Rocco who likes to accompany him and his friends in their Disc Golf adventures! Also, John is currently enrolled in Journeyman School!
Meet our Technician
A fun fact about Jacob is that he is an Air Force Reserves soldier. Thank you for your service!
Meet our Customer Service Manager
A fun fact about Lindsey is that she loves fashion! She’s always bringing style to the office!
Meet our Assistant Manager
A fun fact about Patrick is that he has a cat named Ric, and one of his favorite TV shows is the office
Meet our Marketing Manager
A fun fact about Catherine is that she can play 3 instruments and sing!
Joe's Drain Cleaning, LLC -Rocco
Resident Mascot and Client Engagement Specialist
Resident Mascot and Client Engagement Specialist

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