Drain Cleaning Services Lancaster, OH

We offer reliable drain and sewer cleaning contractors in Lancaster, Ohio – call today.

Drain cleaning services help to maintain your plumbing system, reducing the need for costly repairs.

Joe’s Drain Cleaning, LLC, offers high-quality plumbing and drain cleaning services in Lancaster, OH, and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a blocked drain or need rooter service, our team of licensed plumbers is here to help you fix the problem.

With us, you can expect:

  • Guaranteed parts and workmanship
  • Honest, professional advice
  • No-mess work
  • Fair, transparent pricing
  • Same-day and emergency service

Whether you already have a clogged drain or want to prevent one, get in touch with our team to get started.

We don’t just clean drains—we’re a full-service plumbing company. Check out our other plumbing services.

Signs You Might Have a Clogged Drain

Clogged drains can cause anything from a mild plumbing inconvenience to significant water damage. It is advisable to call a drain cleaning company early to resolve the issue to prevent the latter from happening. We also recommend scheduling regular service about twice a year.

How do you if you need to call us, then? If you notice any of the following signs, give us a call for our reliable clogged drain repair service:

  • Gurgling or bubbling in your drains or toilet
  • Slow draining sinks or tubs
  • Unusual smells
  • Drain flies

We have the equipment and expertise to clear clogs of all types and sizes, including drain snaking, hydro jetting, and scoping. No matter what has your plumbing system operating at less than peak performance, we can fix it!



Expert Sewer Cleaning Services

At Joe’s Drain Cleaning, LLC, our journeymen plumbers understand how to treat complex residential and commercial plumbing systems. We are the professional sewer cleaning company you can count on to locate and eliminate the toughest blockages with minimal disruption.

Our sewer drain service includes:

  • Advanced camera and video inspection
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Drain snaking
  • Hydro jetting
  • Pipe repair (if necessary)

Don’t struggle with a poorly operating sewer or drainage system. Contact us today for a free estimate to get started.

We are also experts in whole-home repiping services. Give us a call to learn more.

Fast, Reliable Drain Cleaning Services in Lancaster

We aim to be your go-to residential and commercial drain cleaning expert. We have been serving private customers and businesses for years and continue to provide professional services with accurate estimates and transparent pricing.

Clogged drains and pipes can be tricky to treat because they’re not easily visible and cause issues like overflowing wastewater. Our experienced plumber will detect and unclog your drains and pipes professionally and do anything necessary to prevent further plumbing issues. We get it right the first time!

If you suspect you have a clogged drain in your Lancaster, OH, home or business call, the experts at Joe's Drain Cleaning, LLC, at (740) 400-8862.