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Create An Eco-Friendly Home With These Plumbing Fixtures

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Plumbing Tips For Homeowners This Earth Month

April is Earth Month, and that means it’s time for eco-friendly tips! Most people don’t realize that with a few simple tweaks to their daily routine, they can help conserve water and energy usage in their home. Doing so helps the planet, and it always saves them money in the process. Not only does it save homeowners money on monthly bill costs, but it keeps them from paying for repairs and replacements because their systems aren’t under as much stress. 

Some eco-friendly options might cost a little money upfront, but that’s nothing to the money homeowners save in the grand scheme of things! 

Investing In the Proper Piping Material 

pipes Many homeowners aren’t aware of this, but some piping material is better for cold water, while another material is better for hot water. One of the best ways to ensure the home is naturally eco-friendly is to invest in the proper piping material for cold and hot water. That said, it might not be ideal for the homeowner to invest in a new piping system this year, but it is something to think about. 

Copper piping is notorious for being the best overall piping material but is it the most eco-friendly?

In short, PEX piping is best for hot water, while PVC is best for cold water. 

Copper piping might be the most durable and might even have the best value, but it isn’t necessarily the most eco-friendly option. 

Water-Saving Toilets


Another great way to make the home a little more eco-friendly this year is to invest in water-saving toilets. Water-saving toilets provide many benefits. A few of which include: 

  • Better bathroom hygiene
  • Monthly bill cost savings
  • A longer life out of the toilet 

In today’s world, not only do people want to help save the planet as much as possible but saving money is always a plus too. When homeowners invest in a water-saving toilet, they get the best of both worlds. It might cost a little extra upfront, but that’s nothing to the long-term savings. 

Energy-Efficient Water Heaters

Regardless of the appliance, there is an eco-friendly option available on the market today. Most of the world has realized by now just how important it is to be conscious of human impact on the earth. Naturally, more and more people live a more eco-friendly life because of this. So, it’s only fitting that eco-friendly appliances be created. 

Just take the water-saving toilets, for example. Another great appliance to invest in is an energy-efficient water heater. This might not save on water, but it does save on energy. 

An energy-efficient water heater works similarly to a regular water heater except for one minor change. Energy-efficient water heaters have more insulation in their tanks. This means it doesn’t take as long for the water to heat up, and it stays hotter longer. In turn, it doesn’t take as much energy for the home to have hot water. This appliance is an excellent way for homeowners to create a more eco-friendly home this year. 

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